Purple fire. The key of Antares

Aeons ago, the reptilian race waged a cruel war against our human ancestors in a remote quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.

In the midst of the turmoil is Drakhen, a feared Draconian being and respected admiral of the Reptilian Shield’s elite fleet. After a series of traumatic events, he embarks on an unlikely quest for a mythical object, the first step in fulfilling his sacred task to protect our universe against the advance of the very dark forces he was once part of.

Drakhen’s destiny as a renegade entity of light will be inextricably bound to that of humanity, bringing direct repercussions down to present day Earth: Guillem, an unsuspecting human from Barcelona, is soon going to unveil the secrets of a remote past…

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The Author: Sergi Márquez Blasco

Sergi B. Marquez was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1978. Educated both in Spain and Japan, he went on to obtain a BBA at the Hogeschool Zeeland University in the Netherlands, and a Master’s degree in Business Communication at Barcelona University, completing his academic education with a BA in Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations at the University of Liverpool. He has spent years travelling the world, developing close ties with tribes in Africa and South America, and studying ancient mysteries and spiritual traditions. PURPLE FIRE: The Key of Antares is his first work of fiction.